What is digital marketing?

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23rd June 2016
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10th July 2016

Digital marketing is the art and science of marketing over digital media.

It is a rapidly developing space. What started as banner ads on web sites and emails is quickly moving to use big data analytics, tracking software, and many other tools.

Activities such as search engine optimization and search engine marketing have almost become industries in themselves and have spawned many instant experts.

Other forms of digital marketing are being built across social media platforms.

The technology behind Facebook and Google are built to deliver results based marketing. Putting the relevant marketing messages and advertising in front of people based on their online behaviour and preferences.

According to wikepedia 4.5 trillion ads are served online annually.

According to the Internet Advertising Bureau UK, the 2015 full year digital adspend was £8.606bn, 51% going to paid for search, display 35% a

  • Display up 24.5% on a like for like basis – £3,033 million
  • Classified up 5.2% on a like for like basis – £1,115 million
  • Search up 15.3% on a like for like basis – £4,355 million
  • Video, Social and Mobile continue to power display
  • Consumer Goods is now the top spending display sector, followed by Travel and Transport and Retail
  • Mobile spend soars by 60.3% to reach £2.627 billion

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