Are People Reading What You Write?

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4th September 2019

It can take hours to select the perfect combination of words and phrases so readers know exactly what your business can do for them. But do they read everything they should and need to know about you?

When it comes to content, we should all heed the old adage ‘quality over quantity’. Writing less and styling your text so it is simple to digest could be all you need to maintain readers’ interest. 

So how exactly can you engage a readership who are likely to scan through your content, ensuring they stay on your pages and interact with your information?

1.Invert your paragraphs

Julie Andrews might have said the beginning was the best place to start but when it comes to content, starting with your conclusion could ensure readers see it through to the end. This is always useful if there is a lot of content to read through. If readers know what the outcome is, they can take more control of how many following points they read. They are less likely to get frustrated with lengthy content that is taking time to get to the ‘point’.

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2. Break up your content with compelling sub-headings

A strong headline will draw people to your content in the first instance, but subsequent sub-headings will keep them moving through the rest of your text more freely. It also makes it easier to scan information and perhaps ‘jump’ to sections readers might find more intriguing or relevant to them. 

3. Add bullet points

  • They are another way to break up information
  • They seem a lot less to take in meaning scan-readers will love them
  • They provide a visual break for tired eyes.

4. Highlight content

Another way to provide a visual break is to highlight content in bold or a different colourIt is another tool that allows scan-readers to access your information without switching off before getting to the ‘good bits’. 

5. Add links

Any links need to provide an extension of the content you are providing – and they need to work as Google will penalise you if they are faulty. To avoid out of date or fault links, it is beneficial to produce ‘evergreen’ content with appropriate links.

If your website provides more information than simply what you are writing about, then it shows your readers that you want them to have access to as much useful content as possible.

In summary, readers want answers quickly. They want accurate and informative content without putting in a lot of effort to find it. 

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