5 Tips to Help Write Effective Calls to Action

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2nd August 2019
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4th September 2019

Your website, marketing campaigns, advertisements and brochures might clearly describe how wonderful your product or service is, but how do you do drive your readers to take action? How do get them to buy the product, pick up the phone or subscribe? 

Calls to Action (CTA) are the driving force behind conversions, persuading your reader to leap into action.

But how do you write clear and engaging CTAs that are effective and convinces people to act?

Here are 5 tips to get the most from your CTAs.

1.Use imperative verbs

Start your sentence with an imperative verb – a command word that tells the reader exactly what they need to do. Get to the point straight away and don’t use verbs that seemingly give the reader a choice of what action to take like ‘could’ ‘would’ ‘might’ or ‘should’. 

Be more direct with verbs like ‘order’ ‘discover’ ‘buy’ ‘download or ‘subscribe’.

2. Give readers a reason to take action

While you need to be direct and assertive, your audience won’t respond to simply being ordered to do something. They need a reason. They need to be seduced. They need to know what’s in it for them.

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3. Create urgency

Use people’s fear of missing out (FOMO) to ensure they take action. If you have an offer on or a product to sell, using something like a countdown timer alongside your CTA will show there is an expiry date and prompt readers to take action because they do not want to miss out on an opportunity. 

4. Be large and legible

Your CTA button needs to be large enough to read, but not too ostentatious to put people off. Like with Tip 2, you need to be direct but not considered bossy and ‘in your face’. So be bright and bold, large and legible but be sensible with sizing. 

Where you place your buttons on your website can also have an effect. We read top to bottom, from left to right so buttons placed at the bottom of the page and further across to the right might outperform buttons placed elsewhere. Have a play and evaluate how many ‘clicks’ you get when CTAs are in different places.

5. Use words that evoke emotion.

To elicit strong responses from your audience you need them to be enthusiastic about the action you are asking them to take. Offers such as ‘Sign up now for 30% 0ff!’ or ‘Discover your dream home today!’ will excite your audience. The addition of the exclamation also gives it that extra boost. After all, if you’re shouting about it, it must be good. 

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Cover Image by cheskapoon from Pixabay