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16th August 2019
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Connecting with your target audience is extremely important when it comes to marketing and video marketing is something that can help you build brand awareness. 

More importantly, video can help create trust between you and your potential customers. They get to see your product or your service in action and perhaps hear first-hand how it has helped people like them.

Videos also boost information retention. Not only is your audience hearing something, they see it too; if your imagery is relevant as well as entertaining, people are more likely to remember it days later.

At one time, the main hindrance to video marketing was the cost of equipment and editing software. While you still need some budget, it is far more affordable than it once was.  So, if you are going to do it yourself, what practices should you adopt to get the best out of this platform?

Here are our top tips:

1.Use a Professional Voice

Words spoken with clarity and professionalism are paramount when it comes to setting the tone you want your business to strike. It might be an idea to have an employee who is confident in front of the camera or hire a professional. Either way, ensure you have a clear script ready to go!

2. Keep Them Short

People are always pressed for time in today’s busy world. Online viewers often don’t remain on a site for long, before they are looking for the next video, particularly on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. Therefore, shorter marketing videos can work better as the less information there is, the more your audience is likely to remember so make sure you get your most important points across first.

3. Make the Video More Atmospheric with Music

Music is a powerful tool in video marketing. It can evoke emotion which can help you sell a feeling if that is indeed what you want to sell whether it is comfort, excitement or even a fear of missing out.

4. Make Sure Your Videos Work Without Sound

While music can help you sell a feeling, it is also important to consider if your message can be conveyed without sound at all. Your audience is constantly scrolling through myriad videos and not always in the privacy of their own homes meaning the vast majority of videos are watched while muted. That said, subtitles should be considered regardless so as to not alienate any potential customers who have a hearing impairment. 

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay 

5. Take Viewers Behind the Scenes or include tutorial videos

Consumers love to get up, close and personal and really get to ‘know’ a business. Video marketing offers the perfect opportunity to take customers behind the scenes and let them access your industry. 

If you don’t want people to see all the ‘magic’ of behind the scenes, then another option is ‘how-to’ tutorials if your business lends itself to that. Posting tutorials that are relevant to your niche is a great way to connect and engage with customers. You don’t have to give away industry secrets, but it should be enough to entice your viewers and show them you really know what you are talking about. 

6. Include clear links to your website

A video is great but ensure your your viewers can learn more instantly, without the hassle of having to open a new window for a Google search. If the information isn’t readily available, people won’t bother making the effort. Capitalise on conversions by making it a ‘one click’ job.

7. Put your logo on the video

Don’t waste a perfect branding opportunity. Make sure you have your logo visible on screen, whether you are wearing it or if it appears in the top corner.

The main thing to consider in all the above when making your video is strategy and data. 

What is the purpose of each video? 

Who is your audience?

What level of formality do you want?

What tone do you want to set? 

Only then can you design the best content and ensure your video furthers your marketing goals.

Cover Image by ErikaWittlieb from Pixabay