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6th August 2016
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9th August 2016

With the Rio Olympics ceremony hosted last friday, the olympics are just round the corner. Everywhere its trending, advertisements are everywhere. Support for various teams are being shown even before the games have started. Expect for some of course…

Toeam USA have trademarked the use of their name and their very own #TeamUSA which has prohibited people who  aren’t registered to use it, using it. This means even those in the US will have to pay and be registered to show the support for their own country. According to the Brand Usage Guidelines for TeamUSA , “Unless a company or organization’s primary business is disseminating news and information… any use of USOC trademarks on a non-media company’s website or social media site is viewed as commercial in nature and consequently is prohibited [from using the hashtags]”

This however is not the only hashtag that people won’t be able to use.

#RIO2016 is also trademarked meaning that no one who isnt registered also cannot use that hashtag.

Even though this has been trademarked, while the games are taking place, the sheer amount of those tweeting ot posting using that hashtag will be a staggering figure. So how they plan to monitor the usage of the hashtags alone sounds like an incredibly devious and challenging job. The likely hood of everyone using the hashtag being caught up and chased down for using it without authorisation is very unlikely otherwise it will be sheer millions round the world being tracked.

#Olympics is still accepted and not yet trademarked however with the way things are currently going, it wouldnt be much surprise if they took that too.