What Is Real Time Marketing?

Instagram vs Snapchat?
4th August 2016
8th August 2016

A lot of brands today have been embracing real time marketing… but what exactly is that?


Real time marketing gives the ability for brands and clients to engage with eachother based around real time information. This could include monitoring behavior and actions on specific websites, changes in their data or worldy events going on that have a wider affect on everyone (events like these tend to be more popular over twitter with trending hashtags in constant usage).


This strategy sees brands not only focusing on a fixed marketing strategy  but revolves around the worlds current events and relevent trends as well as whats working with customers. Markters would use this because sometimes it is more suitable to support a wider audience with what is trending rather than something only appealing for a specific audience. Having a more flexible strategy also can allow alterations to be made. Most marketers will like to have scheduled in posts or tweets but with each day bringing new stories and articles you can add new, up to date news in as well as the fixed and already scheduled in to be displayed.

Overall, real time marketing is a very useful way to learn from and connect with clients, customers and people in general. With trends always developing and new world events always progressing it seems that  marketers will always have a new way to connect with their audiences.