8th January 2019

6 Logo Design Tips That Will Make Your Brand Stand Out

If your goal is to build a brand or get your website noticed, the first thing people look for is your logo. Your logo is your […]
10th October 2018

Colour Phsychology Explained

Designers and artists can shape perceptions and elicit emotions using colour theory. It has a proven track record in the marketing world. Helping to guide customer […]
17th July 2017

Why AI Means Creativity Unleashed

All too often, marketers find themselves stuck building and running tech-based ad campaigns manually. This takes a lot of time and makes it hard for them […]
6th July 2017

12 Insights for Visual Content Success with Infographics

Some marketing skeptics claim that infographics are dead. I disagree. I think bad infographics are dead, and always have been. Well-designed and executed infographics, on the […]
29th May 2017

Is your web site accessible? Five steps to start now

When it comes to accessibility and web design, you’d think it would be a matter of hand in glove. After all, in the UK there are […]
8th May 2017

The Power of Visual

Maybe it’s a cliché, but when it comes to communication, a picture really can be worth a thousand words. As a society, we are seeing a […]
21st April 2017

What Colour Should Your Logo Be? How to Pick the Perfect Colour

Colour has a major impact on how we perceive the world around us. Research has shown that the psychology can not only influence the way food tastes, […]
14th March 2017

How does Colour Affect Consumer Behaviour?

Many marketers will already be aware that different colours have a different psychological impact on consumers. Over time, we have been hardwired to make certain neuro-associations […]