14th October 2016

What role do brands play in today’s world of eCommerce?

As commerce changes to conform to the new world of marketplaces and networks, brands are losing their steam. Historically, brand has been the primary way retailers […]
7th October 2016

Back to basics: What are chatbots and why do you need one?

Do you remember when it was enough for messaging apps to simply carry messages back and forth? That wasn’t actually too long ago, but these days, the programs used […]
6th October 2016

What is CRM?

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a term that refers to practices, strategies and technologies that companies use to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout […]
3rd October 2016

How Building Tools Can Generate New Leads for your Agency

When you think of driving leads for your agency or business online, what comes to mind? I bet it’s the usual suspects — SEO, paid search, […]
29th September 2016

Why bad data always makes for bad decisions

We live in an increasingly digitised world where more and more of our day-to-day interactions occur via mobile app or online.  Every interaction in this digital world leaves a data […]
15th September 2016

Pay through a text message?

In its quest to become a go-to app for global peer-to-peer payments, Circle is now, with the arrival of iOS 10, available on iMessage, giving iOS […]
11th September 2016

Embracing digital transformation in the Pharma and Healthcare sectors

Digital technology has increased the pace of change in consumer and patient expectations, but most pharma and healthcare organisations haven’t moved quickly in response. Consumers are […]
4th September 2016

Dropbox hack ‘affected 68 million users’

A Dropbox security breach in 2012 has affected more than 68 million account holders, according to security experts. Last week, Dropbox reset all passwords that had […]
30th August 2016

It doesn’t have to be websites vs apps

Here’s a question: how important are websites in the mobile marketing world? Apps seem set to dominate the way customers interact with brands. In 2015, Apple’s […]