26th September 2016

Three months on from Brexit: What now for brands?

Three months on from the UK’s vote on 23 June to leave the European Union, the business world remains in a state of limbo. The Government […]
17th September 2016

Brands too dependent on Facebook organic reach

Facebook generated more than $17bn in revenue in 2015, primarily from its ad products. Despite this, brands active on Facebook are overly dependent on organic reach […]
8th September 2016

What makes branded content shareable on social media?

People on social media frequently share content, even branded content.   Social sharing is great for marketers, but it’s difficult to know why some posts work […]
16th August 2016

Brands In Virtual Reailty?

As of April 2016, people that succeed with Virtual Reality (VR) Marketing do two things very well: First, they identify VR Marketing narratives that get them […]
31st May 2016

Amazon, Google and Adele show the power of personalised experiences.

It’s easy to see where the future of communication lies. You can see it all around you. The future lies in personalised experiences. Facebook’s influence continues […]