4th May 2017

The secret behind effective video ad strategy

Watching video online is no longer the future – it’s here today. 32% of digital video viewers in the UK and US now watch more than […]
28th April 2017

Different types of online advertising

Okay, so you’ve created an awesome website with an excellent user interface and lots of attractive graphics. You have an excellent product or service that is […]
27th March 2017

Three mobile trends to watch in 2017

When looking forward to 2017 how will mobile advertising change? Firstly the formats of video for mobile as we know them will change drastically, as advertisers […]
17th March 2017

Advertising Online: Minimising Your PPC Costs

Pay-per-click advertising is one of the most powerful tools available for online marketers, giving companies of all sizes an opportunity to reach their audience quickly and […]
13th March 2017

Why Video Ads Matter and How to Maximise their Potential

Early mobile video ads were ugly, glitchy and impractical. They were slow-to-load, pushing 3G network technology to the max. When they did eventually manage to load, […]
20th February 2017

How to get more out of your advertising production budgets

The start of any year always begins with some sort of review of where you’re at, how you’re doing against your objectives and goals, but most […]
13th February 2017

Research argues how brands can benefit through subtitling adverts

You’ve put together what looks like a knockout campaign; the creative has been done to perfection, the budget is all on side, the analytics have been […]
23rd January 2017

Pay Per Click Advertising: why should you use it?

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) can generate profit and help your business grow, driving traffic and boosting sales. This online, advertising platform is particularly effective due to its measurability. […]
5th January 2017

Why PPC Should Be a Part of Your Online Marketing Strategy

If you’re an SEO, it’s easy to discount the role of PPC in overall online marketing strategy. When most other types of online marketing succeed, they […]