23rd June 2017

Top Ten Ways to Quickly Generate Leads

You’ve printed flyers, you’ve sent out mailers, you have blasted your social-media followers, but you’re still not getting the lead flow you need to grow your […]
22nd June 2017

6 Reasons Why a Strong Brand is Important for Your Small Business

Beyond just a memorable logo, good branding increases the value of a company, provides employees with direction and motivation, and makes acquiring new customers easier. So […]
21st June 2017

When Does a Company Need a CRM System?

It’s almost like a chicken and egg question. What should come first: a certain number of customers or leads, or a CRM software? Most new companies […]
21st June 2017

Five SEO mistakes to avoid

There are certain trends and basic errors that are continually repeated, and these make SEO more difficult than it should be. Jumia Travel, the leading online […]
20th June 2017

How to do personalised marketing successfully

Personalisation is one of the biggest trends to hit marketing over the last few years. Brands are increasingly competing to deliver on-message content to customers that […]
20th June 2017

Why your business will need a website

While having a website may seem like an unnecessary cost if you’re not a prolific internet user yourself, a recent survey showed around 70% of the […]
19th June 2017

Using Social Media Marketing To Promote Your Products

For any business to grow swiftly, social media presence is the key to reaching a wide target audience within a short span of time. It has […]
16th June 2017

Why loyalty and social media are a match made in heaven

It goes without saying social media has resulted in huge cultural shifts in terms of how both consumers and businesses behave and interact with one another. […]
14th June 2017

What Can Smaller Brands Learn From Big-Brand Social Media Marketing?

Successful campaigns being executed by big brands on social media may lead smaller brands to believe that they have little chance of replicating such success, with […]