What is the value of evergreen content on my website?

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1st April 2019
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26th April 2019

Evergreen content is exactly what you would imagine it to be – it is content that is healthy for your website. It has long-term value and remains relevant over time and like a tree that always has its leaves, evergreen content is a page or a post that readers will always search for and reference for years to come. 

Evergreen content doesn’t just create a traffic spike as soon as its published; instead traffic to evergreen content steadily grows and even increases over months if not years.

In short, evergreen content will boost your website’s visibility in search results because it will always have a use. It will never become obsolete and could provide you with a marketing strategy that lasts as long as your website remains live. 

The most common types of evergreen content include:

  • How-to tutorials in order to solve problems;
  • Reference guides;
  • Product reviews;
  • Frequently asked questions; or
  • Encyclopaedic information.

Whatever the content, it is important to remember you should try, where possible, to keep it in line with your brand voice. This is because as the evergreen content will drive people to your site, they need to learn to associate your name with the great content you are creating. 

Photo by Niclas Illg on Unsplash

By creating informative, clear and educational content about your product or your industry, it will place you as a thought-leader; an authority in your area of expertise. 

Answer the questions you know will always be asked. 

Basic knowledge that helps your readers, customers and your clients will also grow your audience and drive new readers, customers and clients to your pages meaning it will continue to be fresh to someone. It will be evergreen.

So how do you create evergreen content?

You must firstly think about the topics you are going to write about. Consider what information your audience is likely to seek and work backwards. From there, you can answer what you believe will be frequently asked questions from customer or clients at various stages of their journey with your product or your business. You could even consider what topics would make effective tutorials or guides. 

“When it comes to content, evergreen posts encourage better rankings and social engagement.” 

Secondly, perform keyword research so you can phrase sentences effectively to help drive the most traffic to your post or web page. 

Thirdly, if you feel that anything has the potential to become outdated (particularly statistics or dates) then set a schedule so you can review and update the content to retain its evergreen status and ensure it continues to drive fresh traffic to your pages.

Another way evergreen content can be used effectively is simply to republish posts. So that evergreen content does not become buried deep in your archives, keep it fresh and green by putting it back to the top of your blog feed. Update any images and the date but keep the URL the same. This will simply stretch the use of your evergreen post and make sure you get the most coverage from the content you took the time and care to create.

When it comes to content, evergreen posts encourage better rankings and social engagement. By and large, evergreen content is timeless and is healthy for your business.

Cover photo by Florencia Viadana on Unsplash