6 Tips to Help Understand Your Brand

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26th April 2018
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1st June 2018

Due to social media and how we obtain content now — you are your brand. Here are six tips that anyone can use to help brand themselves no matter the industry they are currently in.

1. Who do you think you are?

Self-reflection is the first thing you need to do. Take note of your strengths and your weaknesses. What makes your brand different? What are your attributes? Why do people gravitate toward you? Are you someone who is always seen as positive or negative? If you are just starting out, you must learn discipline as it relates to obtaining true knowledge for what you want to become. Don’t just look the part but actually be the part. Hardworking, focused and reserved people get ahead just as often as social butterflies.

2. What are people saying about you?

Google yourself. Do you have a strong online presence? If not, you need to correct that because of the Internet your business can reach billions of people in a split second. Does your online presence also communicate with your brand? Many people don’t realize that your social media plays a big part in how your brand is communicated to the masses. Unprofessionalism can be seen in seconds by a follower viewing your page. You become what you post and because of that you always must pay attention to how you are displaying your brand to the public.

3. Imitation is flattering

Always pay attention to the competition. By paying close attention to your competitor, you can set a strategy that will set you apart from them. What sets you and your competition apart? If asked this question by a branding manager, you should know at least 3 to 5 key things that set you apart from your competition. Just know that by imitation of a few larger brands than yourself can really help polish your image.

4. Never forget your soft skills

Every great business person has both hard skills and soft skills. It’s easy to be stubborn and focus on your own needs. Sometimes it’s better to negotiate and collaborate with others for the benefit of the entire brand.

5. Talk a great talk

Making presentations explaining who you are and what you are trying to accomplish during meetings are a great way to brand yourself. If pop-up shops or even events are your forte, make sure you make a lasting impression by showcasing your strengths. Know what you are selling and why you are selling it. Every great salesperson was confident in what they were trying to pitch to the public. You can’t expect consumers to have faith in your product and brand if you sound unsure and unknowledgeable.

6. Manage your reputation

When branding yourself personally and professionally, you must always assume that whatever you post will be seen by the masses. While you want to showcase yourself as knowledgeable, interesting and fun to work with, be sure to use good judgment. If there is anything out there you wouldn’t want a potential consumer to see don’t post it. Remember, your reputation is your best asset.