Videos and the powerful message they carry for your business

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28th July 2017
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17th October 2017

You’ve probably seen numerous videos over social media of companies and their products. Regardless of how relevant the product is to you, that video has captured your attention. Videos are easy to consume, especially if you have a complex product or are very ‘wordy’. Modern consumers are sceptical, don’t have time to read lengthy descriptions and are firm in the belief of seeing is believing.

Investing into making videos can help your business grow, especially if you’re a company selling a product. Your video can be a great ROI, although video production is not cheap and can be time consuming remembering that content is key will help your video attract consumers!  There are many handy guides and tools on making a good video yourself, which are free!

A lot of companies dream of going viral and their product going worldwide, but you don’t need this to happen for your product to sell.  Videos can humanise your company and build trust with consumers.  Although trust should be built on its own, pairing it with videos and content are a big key and can fundamentally gain sales especially when you are providing useful and meaningful information in a video format.

Your video should always represent your product in a conversational form, try to engage and remember what product you are selling. Remember that videos can also lead directly to sales, especially when a potential consumer sees an explanation video and then purchased because of the video.  Don’t be afraid of being creative!
Videos don’t just need to be a visual aid, remember to utilise audio. You’re not just targeting eyes, ears too!  Video sharing on your social media platform is a bonus, although it may not directly affect sales it will generate extra traffic to your site.

Bonus fact : SEO also benefits with videos, helping you gain more exposure and potentially reach worldwide when combined.

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