Is Your WordPress Blog’s Traffic Poor? Here’s Why

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24th July 2017
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Having issues with traffic to your WordPress blog? In all honesty, you aren’t alone. The Internet is a vast, chaotic place – it’s all too easy to get lost in the noise.

Here’s the thing. That old saying, that if you build it, they will come? That doesn’t apply to the Internet. If you want people to visit your site, you need to make the effort to bring them in – which means you need to evaluate where you might be going wrong in terms of traffic.

Your content is poor

It should go without saying that if you want your blog to be successful and highly-trafficked, your posts need to be top-quality. They need to be exciting and informative. They need to be compelling and well-written.

If you post nothing but boring, droning, error-ridden copy on your site, you can’t expect anyone to be interested in visiting.

By that same vein, if you have no focus – no overarching topic or specialty that you write on – people are going to find your blog difficult and confusing to read. It’s essential that you know your market, and write to them.

You’re not writing effective headlines

Your headline is the first impression prospective readers will have of a post, and often of your entire blog. To that end, if you’re writing terrible ones, people are going to disregard you and go to another site – regardless of whether or not your content is good. Check out this blog post by Jeff Goins for some advice on how you can make your headlines a bit better.

Your SEO isn’t up to speed

While writing for your audience is still your most important task, you also need to write for search engines – namely, Google. Are you using long-tail keywords effectively? What does your meta description look like? What about your post tags? URL structure? Article headline?

I’d highly recommend checking out Moz’s Beginner’s Guide to SEO, and downloading an SEO plugin for your blog.

Social? What’s that?

SEO aside, social sites such as Facebook and Twitter remain some of the best ways to drive traffic to your blog. If you’ve a lot of fans or followers, that means every single post you make can immediately be presented to a wide audience. Twitter is especially valuable, as it’s used by some of the top people in the WordPress community.

You post too infrequently (or inconsistently)

Content quality aside, the most important metric for success on WordPress is that you post both consistently and regularly. Imagine how frustrating it would be if a TV show you enjoyed only occasionally aired when it was scheduled, or if the TV schedule changed week after week.  That’s what it’s like for a fan of your blog if you don’t stick to a regular, consistent post schedule – eventually, they’ll just get frustrated and leave.

No silver bullets

There’s no shortcut to better blog traffic, and no silver bullet to bring more people to your site. But if you do everything right, you’ll get visitors eventually. Count on it.

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