What Is Promotional Mix? How Does It Impact Marketing?

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4th July 2017
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What is a Marketing Promotional Mix?
The promotional mix refers to one of marketing mix’s 4Ps and consists of advertising, public relations, personal selling and sales promotion. It can be defined as all the forms of communication that an organization uses to establish meaning as well as influence the buying behavior that exists among the existing and also the potential customers. It should be designed in a way that it will inform the target market about the values and benefits an organization’s products or service offers.

This helps the organization to gain leverage and then use it well to gain a competitive advantage.

How do you Identify Promotional Mix?
You can be able to identify the promotional mix used by various organizations by considering the various elements of the promotional mix. Advertising is one of them and it refers to the paid promotion and presentation of ideas, services, and goods by a specific sponsor to a mass medium. Personal selling is the second element and it involves helping or persuading processes of one or many prospects to purchase an organization’s goods or services via oral presentations either orally or on the phone. Sales promotion is another element that involves non-media and media marketing communication that is aimed at increasing the consumer demand as well as stimulating the market demand and improvement of a product availability. Other elements to be considered include publicity or public relations, direct marketing, Guerilla marketing, product placement and sponsorship.

What things should be considered when identifying your promotional mix?
When identifying a promotional mix, it is important to consider the target audience, the market as well as the goals and budget you have for your marketing campaign. You have to, first of all, identify the profile of the key target audience depending on some key demographics so as to evaluate the potential of the marketing tactic to use.

The budget and goals should then be outlined as they determine the leads necessary to meet the sales goals. After this analysis, you should choose several tactics that will help you achieve your marketing goals and reach your target audience effectively.

A great example of how to pick the right promotional mix is Fun Town, a new amusement park. Fun Town spent a lot of time this year fine-tuning and customizing their promotional mix. They adopted various promotional mix elements like advertising, public relations, and sales promotion in order to reach their target audience and meet their marketing goals.

What’s the purpose of a promotional mix when it comes to marketing?
In marketing products and services, marketers have so many tools at their disposal to ensure that they reach their target audiences and sales goals. However, each of these marketing tools is not perfect on their own as they all have weaknesses and strengths. They are more effective when they are combined and this is the key purpose of a promotional mix as it aims at combining various marketing strategies to ensure success in the marketing of an organization’s products and services.

Are there different types?
There are two types of promotional mix; personal selling and non-personal selling.

Personal selling includes sales meeting, incentive programs, sales program, fairs and trade shows and samples. Non-personal selling includes public relations, advertising, and sales promotion.

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