Top Tips For Your Social Media Strategy

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28th June 2017
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In the times of social media saturation, standing out online isn’t easy and you’ll need a clear sense of what you want to achieve and how to go about it. There are millions of other companies possibly just like yours vying for your audiences custom and attention.

Go back to basics

Take a look at your business plan and think about how social media could benefit your business.

Know your target audience. Sounds ridiculous right? You can’t produce relevant, targeted content unless you know who you are targeting. For example: If you own a fitness company and want to market yourself on Twitter, stick with the fitness theme. Healthy recipes, exercises and wellness, Don’t start posting about the newest iPhone willy nilly.

Define your goals

What do you want your business to get from social media? Do you want to grow your community, or sell more products? You must select clear goals, not just voice aspirations from the off.

When it comes to it set yourself or your social media marketing team small achievable goals and keep track of them with insights and analytics on a quarterly basis. Having these objectives and keeping a keen eye on them allows you to quickly react when social media campaigns don’t meet your expectations.

Plan your content

It’s important to think in detail and plan your content before you launch your social media campaign. Look at your competitors, dig deep and see what actually works for them and what doesn’t. Don’t go copying your competition but do use it to your advantage.

Every one of your posts, replies, likes, and comments should all be guided by a plan/calendar that’s driven toward reaching your business goals.

Set up a social media calendar and schedule your content around popular times and dates. Say, if summer is a busy time for your business, utilise this and schedule content to coincide with relevant or local events. Create the calendar and then schedule your posts in advance rather than updating constantly day to day.

Decide what you want your online voice to be and don’t forget, keep it on brand.

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