What Colour Should Your Logo Be? How to Pick the Perfect Colour

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20th April 2017
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21st April 2017

Colour has a major impact on how we perceive the world around us.

Research has shown that the psychology can not only influence the way food tastes, the way some medicines perform, and the way we feel — it can also play a massive role in our brand preferences and buying habits.

But selecting the right colours for your company logo (or a client’s logo) can be tricky. You want the colour scheme to attract your company’s target consumers and elicit positive emotions, but your own personal preferences can easily get in the way.

Just because blue is your absolute favourite colour, it doesn’t mean your target persona feels the same way. You need to put yourself firmly in their shoes to find a scheme that reflects their preferences, habits, and interests.

How to Pick the Perfect Colour for Your Logo

This quirky flowchart from the folks at 99designs can help you select the perfect ones for your next logo design project. Just imagine your brand is a person, and answer the questions below. The flowchart will lead you to a colour combo that suits your brand’s personality and reflects the image you want to project to consumers.

source – http://bit.ly/2px6wAu