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26th September 2016
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28th September 2016

Apple has for the fifth time running retained its top spot on the CoolBrands rankings, with tech brands continuing to dominate the top 20.


Apple has held the number one spot on the annual CoolBrands list for the fifth year in a row, with digital disruptor brands including Netflix, Spotify and Instagram hot on its heels.

The annual CoolBrand list is formed through a survey conducted among 2,500 British consumers and a panel of 36 influencers.

Despite Apple retaining the number one spot and carrying on recent momentum after introducing a new iPhone 7 device earlier this month, digital brands such as Netflix, Spotify and Instagram are steadily climbing the ranks. While Netflix climbed from fifth to third place, Spotify rose from 11th to seventh. However, former cool kid Twitter failed to make the cut.

Commenting on this year’s CoolBrands list, Chris Hall, CEO of brand management company Bynder, said Apple’s success comes down to its focus on emotion.

“The brand forms emotional connections with its customers, and they adore the brand back in return. Building upon the emotions we feel while discovering, owning, and using Apple products, the brand capitalises on the lifestyle and aspirations of Apple users,” he explained.

“While disruptive tech brands like Netflix, Airbnb and GoPro are moving up the rankings, if they fail to leverage the emotional aspects of their products, their marketing strategy could fall short when it comes to truly captivating audiences.”

Airbnb and GoPro entered the top 20 for the first time, taking 12th and 18th place respectively. Other new entries include make-up brand M.A.C, Harley Davidson and Sony PlayStation. The latter two have re-entered the top 20 after a five-year absence.

However, fashion brands have generally lost out this year, according to CoolBrands. Notable fallers include Alexander McQueen (down seven places to 13th place) and Chanel (down eleven places to 19th place). Ray-Ban also dropped down 18 places to 20th position. Bucking the trend were less expensive sportswear brands Nike and Adidas, which have both claimed a spot in the top 10.

The official 2016/17 CoolBrands top 20 is:

  1. Apple
  2. Glastonbury
  3. Netflix
  4. Aston Martin
  5. Nike
  6. Instagram
  7. Spotify
  8. Adidas
  9. PlayStation
  10. Google
  11. YouTube
  12. Airbnb
  13. Alexander McQueen
  14. Bose
  15. M.A.C.
  16. Sonos
  17. Harley-Davidson
  18. GoPro
  19. Chanel
  20. Ray-Ban