Marketo launches new account based marketing product

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19th September 2016
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21st September 2016

Engagement marketing software provider Marketo has launched a new account-based marketing product this week.

Marketo Account-Based Marketing (ABM) aims to give marketing and sales teams the tools to collaborate and target accounts in personalised ways.

In a recent survey of over 100 global marketers carried out by Avention, 90% said they see ABM as relevant to their businesses and 86% are confident it will drive growth. It’s a form of marketing that’s on the rise and as such isn’t a surprise to see players like Marketo gaining a foothold in the marketplace.

Their new tool includes the ability to leverage account and lead-level scoring to target the right accounts and the right people within them in personalised campaigns.

With the tool, the company says you can also:

  • Engage accounts and decision-makers across channels, including email, web, ads, events, social, and mobile; use rich customer behaviors captured in Marketo’s Audience Hub to deliver  personalised messages.
  • Use account-based analytics across key dimensions, including cross-channel engagement, pipeline, and revenue
  • Use complementary solutions offered by Marketo’s LaunchPoint ecosystem partners such as predictive scoring and account enrichment

According to the CMO at Marketo, Chandar Pattabhiram, said the tool was built natively into the Marketo platform and gives account teams “all of the necessary tools to discover, manage, engage and analyse accounts with the most revenue potential”.

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