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28th August 2016
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30th August 2016

Apple’s 2017 iPhone will reportedly get rid of iconic home button

We’re just one month out from a new iPhone release, but news of next year’s model can’t seem to stop seeping out. According to Bloomberg, the 2017 iPhone will no longer contain the iconic home button Apple fans have grown accustomed to over the last decade. The news pairs well with other reports of next year’s Phone, which will mark the device’s 10th anniversary, using OLED display technology. That would allow the entire front of the device to “appear like a single sheet of glass,” according to The Wall Street Journal in June.

That’s not the only big change rumored for the 2017 iPhone. Nikkei Asian Review reported earlier this week that Apple may introduce a third, premium smartphone next year with a curved display not unlike Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge. In fact, the report states Samsung may even be the supplier for these curved OLED displays.

For those wondering what will change with the upcoming iPhone 7, the device is said to remove the headphone jack in favor of the Lightning port, contain two rear cameras, and a memory boost to 3GB of RAM, according to separate report from Bloomberg. It will also contain a pressure-sensitive home button that relies on the same type of vibrating haptic feedback used in the Apple Watch and the trackpad of the new Apple MacBook.

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