A Holographic Phone?

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9th August 2016
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11th August 2016

There has been a recent social media craze about these bracelets that project the screen from your phone and tablet onto your arm holographically…

Tha company who has manufactured these is called CICRET who have now been given al the funding they need to start the manufacture of these bracelets. They have already successfully made a prototype that is fully functional. Although the company is based in the US, there is an aim to ship these worldwide once they have the correct income and the right demand for them.


The company got the additional half a million dollars they needed, and so are now able to begin shipping these by the end of 2016. To those who donated towards the project got a discount on the end product, so much so that if the someone who choose to donate $250 they will actually get the the bracelet for free. However this offer is only available until the 15th of August.


As the video above shows, the bracelet can work in several different ways. It can connect to both the IOS and Android platforms and even work under water. This product could actually be a massive step forwards for technology. It does now nullify the need to build water proof phones however so may cause some issues for other companies.



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