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29th July 2016
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4th August 2016

What will the future have in store for digital marketers? Within the next 5-10 years what can we expect from technology and how will we be using it?

With today’s ever growing technology advances, it seems that what once could only be imagined, may be coming into the world. Imagine if you could use an interface without having to touch a screen or move a mouse or even just use a simple click between your fingers to navigate yourself around a website?


A “handy” new interface

A company called Soli  has been looking into this very technology. They recently uploaded a video on YouTube demonstrating how they have produced the ideas to use the interface and just how the technology would work ( This would allow some of the only theoretical imaginations for technology that we have had, to become a reality. You can navigate, program, complete and run tasks by using just slightly different hand movements.

shot one from hand gesture

shot 2

Who needs friends when you have an AI?

So what if you didn’t even want to use your hands to navigate round a page? The team behind siri have been working on a highly advanced new AI called “Viv.” It acts as your very own digital personal assistant. It can do more than create a new alarm and call the wrong contacts, it can complete very complex tasks that usually you would have to navigate through a whole website just to do. Here is peak at what it can do:


This was shown at the Tech Crunch convention in New York this year.


Hungry for more?

A new product has been cooked up. A delivery robot that can bring you food! This new product has been manufactured by Starship Technologies  who want to “revolutionise” the way that locals deliveries happen. Their aim is that the robots will be able to deliver all kinds of products from food to clothes or anything you order online. the product has been specifically made to operate on the ground which will reduce the risks that would happen with a drone, for example the drone failing mid fight and falling out of the air. These are much safer and a much more effective product than delivery drones that will hopefully be being delivery to everyone, soon.